One-A-Day Brainteasers

Keep Kids Engaged with One-A-Day Brainteasers

COVID-19 has caused school closures, but that doesn’t mean learning has to end. Try these daily brainteaser activities to support creative thinking.

Are you looking for fun ways to keep students engaged during COVID-19 school closures? To support this goal, we are releasing weekly sets of brainteasers that are not only fun, but also build cognitive creativity. Teachers can use them during remote sessions as a warm-up or can assign them for students to work on independently. Parents can also participate by playing and co-creating ideas as a family!

These brainteasers build specific cognitive thinking styles that have shown to improve creative thinking. These thinking patterns include associative thinking, analogical thinking, and problem finding. Learn more here .

We would love to hear how you’re using these with your class or at home. Please share your creative ideas with us by sending an email to!

Tips To Solve Brain Teasers

  • There are no right or wrong answers: it’s about letting creativity flow! Resist the impulse to judge student ideas and, instead, encourage them to surface something new and unique.
  • Give explicit permission to be original by saying “think of an idea that you don’t think others will come up with.”
  • To make ideas more creative, nudge students to add a new element or challenge an assumption .
  • Ask questions to help students elaborate on their idea and develop it further.

We hope that you enjoyed these brainteasers during the covid related school closures. We are no longer posting new material but you can continue to download the ones below.

The first four sets use short, standalone brainteasers to build core skills like assocative, analogical and more.







The following sets are longer lessons covering different topics, and incorporate some of the same cognitive skills used in the brainteasers.

Animal Communication

Animal Adaptation

Math Journey

Money Sense

Cognitive Biases

The Last Laugh