Creativity Platform

Brainteasers and Projects

Our short, fun brainteasers, teach students different cognitive creativity techniques like associative thinking or reverse thinking and span different subject areas. Through our Project Based Learning modules, students learn to apply the cognitive techniques in real world scenarios.

Ideal for Classrooms

Our convenient teacher portal makes it easy to assign brainteasers to the class, view student submissions and evaluate them using our creativity rubric based on Guilford's metrics (fluency, flexibility, originality and elaboration)

Fun for Students

Students love our open-ended brainteasers and projects that allow them the freedom to explore their ideas whichever way they want. In creativity, there is no wrong answer! Students can explore other solutions once they submit their own, send "High Fives" for the ideas they like and even submit their own brainteaser idea!

Learn more about the cognitive brainteasers and project based learning modules on our platform.

Our online platform is currently in Beta.

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